Be "The Expert" Advisor Your Local
News Shows and Talk Shows call...


If you want a runaway, BESTSELLING BOOK...

If you want to BE a recognized AUTHORITY in Your Field...

If you want people lining up to have YOU SPEAK at their Events...

Then YOU Must Harness The Power of Video Interviews and VIDEONARS!

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Turn your Expertise into your own WebTV Show and Turn Your SHOW Into CA$H.

You already know that there are big waves being made on Web TV…and they’re only going to get bigger!”But do you realize the full power of the WebTV REVOLUTION and what it can do for you? 

YouTube, Facebook LIVE, G+ Hangouts, many others are powerful TV Broadcasting & Marketing Platforms that you can use to get local, national or global exposure. Just think… now you can turn your Expertise, Teleseminars, Webinars, Seminars, Coaching & Consulting Sessions into your own WebTV Show and let Google & Facebook ‘Turn Your SHOW Into CA$H’ for you.

Ann DeVere has cracked the code on getting YOU, the expert next door, to step up, step into your celebrity self and host your own WebTV show from the comfort of your Home or Office. She will share with you step-by-step practical knowledge that you can use immediately to produce and monetize your own WebTV Show.

This is a UNIQUE TIME in history...NOW IS the  Wild, Wild, West For Web TV! Claim Your Title In YOUR Niche as THE “ Go To Show Host”  BEFORE It Gets REALLY Crowded… "Turn Your SHOW Into CA$H"

“You Don't Have To Be a Star
To Star In Your Own TV Show”

~ ~ Ann DeVere

Access To Experts

We're looking for
- Show Hosts
- Guest Experts
- Citizen Reporters
- Video Tip Providers

"Turn Your SHOW Into CA$H"

Learn to Plan, Produce and Broadcast
your own WebTV Show and Be Interviewed
as a Guest Expert
from your own Home Studio


Turn Your Interviews Into CASH
2 Day Intensive

  • Share Your Knowledge Like The Guest Experts On TV
  • Voice Your Opinion Like a TV Commentator
  • Ask Questions Like a TV Reporter
  • Tell a Story Like a TV Journalist

  • -
    Meet The Press LIVE!

    THE PRESS + Media Training
    + Power Networking PARTY

    while you enjoy a Red Carpet VIP experience

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